Ezer Mizion International Bone Marrow Registry

The story below is just one example of the need to continue building up our Registry to ensure we are in a position to give hope and save lives now and in the future...

Idan Steiner was just like any other pre-teen. She loved playing with her friends, having fun and going out for pizza. Suddenly she was diagnosed with CML (chronic leukaemia), a type of cancer where a stem cell transplant is generally indicated in the treatment protocol. This information plunged her and her family into a nightmare they never believed they would ever experience; knowing that Idan’s life depended on the stem cell donation of a stranger they were not sure they would find was a daunting and terrifying prospect. The questions were many – where would they find a donor? How long did they have to find one? What would the process entail? But there was one question with a more uncertain answer than any other. Would Idan survive

Idan’s family turned to Ezer Mizion in an effort to save her life. A search for a matching donor began immediately. Hopes were raised and dashed in the process, an emotional rollercoaster which swept her whole family along with it. After an exhaustive search, the incredible news came – a match had been found for Idan!

Just five months after she was diagnosed, Idan underwent the operation that would save her life. The transplant was a total success, and Idan was cured of her leukaemia. A year later Idan was ready to meet the woman who had saved her life. As Rinat Kliger, a 29 year old mother and teacher, entered the room with her husband she immediately began to cry at the sight of the girl whose life she had saved. They had become sisters.

Today, lively Idan is at the top of her class, together with her twin sister. Idan’s hair has completely grown back all the way down to her waist! Ezer Mizion gave Idan hope and saved her life. Please join us in the mission of Giving Hope and Saving Lives.